The Vigeland Park shows Gustav Vigeland's depiction of human life from beginning to end. The park's most famous statues are "Sinnataggen" which is located in the middle of the bridge and the Monolith which is the park's biggest monument. The monolith is impressive in size and did you know it is carved out of just one single piece of stone?

Bygdøy is known for its museums but also for its villas. Take the boat across the fjord in the summer or bus # 30 in the winter and visit the various museums or wander in the villa area and see the wonderful houses. Here you will find the Norwegian Folk Museum, the Kon-Tiki Museum, the Framm Museum and the Viking Ship Museum.


The Oslo Opera House was opened April 12, 2008 and is designed by Snøhetta. Many come to the opera to view the architecture or enjoy the building's two restaurants, Brasserie Sanguine and Argent Fine Dining. The location of the Opera in Bjørvika makes it easy to visit for anyone arriving / departing from Oslo Central Station.

With its fantastic view over Oslo, Holmenkollen is well worth a visit when in Oslo. Want to jump in Holmenkollen? Try the ski museum's ski simulator where you "jump" in Holmenkollen. You can also visit the cafe and museum shop for a coffee or a nice souvenir from your visit to the Capital.


Akershus Castle and Fortress has protected Oslo since about 1299 and today houses the Defense Museum, Norway's Home Front Museum and Akershus Castle. Come and learn about Norway's history or just to see the fortress and wander around this historic building.